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About Global Trading Resources, Inc.

Global Trading Resources, Inc. (GTRI) was established in 1994 on the fundamental principle of a commitment to first rate customer service. The steadfast drive of the founder (Patti Iverson-Summer), was a holistic philosophy to client needs. GTRI is committed to setting the standard of excellence in customer service and partnership alliances with its patrons. We provide creative solutions to meet and expand your business needs. Our staff includes a majority of the most experienced individuals in the market area. We have over 181 years of collective service on staff. With 3 licensed Customs House Brokers – we keep you up to date on the latest CBP information, government, and market information.

GTRI is active in the International Trade Community having received awards from the Small Business Administration-International Trade Division as Export Advocate of the Year, and from U.S. Customs & Border Protection for Contributions to the Industry. Patti Iverson-Summer is twice past President of the Columbia River Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association as well as past board member of the Pacific Coast Council of Customs Brokers and Forwarders. She has also served as member of the District Export Council of Oregon and Southwest Washington, which is a position appointed by the Secretary of Commerce, and is a current representative on the Trade Support Network for the development of ACE.

We are strategically located in Portland, Oregon on the West Coast of the USA. Portland is an excellent gateway to the USA due to its lack of congestion and superior rail infrastructure. Portland also enjoys fast Customs and other agency clearances. Unlike the more congested ports we welcome a close face to face relationship with the government agencies in the area, and can offer a complete logistics solution for your inbound cargo.

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